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Minimal and harmonious design that is both striking and light. Pasut Design was founded in Venice by Luciano Pasut and his son Matteo as they furnished ultra-luxury apartments, then expanding the business internationally as they experiment with new forms, techniques and materials. Our pieces are meticulously designed to be far more than just fascinating − they are also functional, resistant and hi-tech.


Each piece is 100% handmade in Italy using a refined range of precious materials including shark leather, diamond dust, gold and rare marble. Behind each piece are the hands and souls of the best artisans from the North to South of Italy. As true maestros, they come from generations and generations of artisans before them who have passed down closely-guarded secrets and incredible craftsmanship. We take great pride in each masterpiece as we seal it with our signature stamp and enumerate select pieces from the limited-edition collections. Are you curious to discover your number?

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You are different from the masses, and so are we. We produce daring designs that start from big dreams, using the finest elements from nature to enrich your space.  Contact us at to start creating your bespoke piece of Pasut Design.


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