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You’re encouraged to observe the sensual forms, linger on the details, and caress the smooth and cold black surface that is so deep it could almost hypnotize you. Aggressive lines are enclosed in a sensational design that breaks classic patterns. It goes beyond its functionality as a table lamp and becomes an Icon − a work of art to be exhibited.


Table lamp made with a complex and careful phase of metal working up to the galvanic treatment, giving it the final shiny black nickel color as featured. The circle is turned and milled, allowing the placement of a precious layer of diamond dust by a skilled goldsmith. The lights are LED and the fabric cable can be red or black. The diamond powder version is limited-edition.


Design by Luciano & Matteo Pasut, handmade in Italy.

Customize your Arco: e-mail for orders and details.

arco sketch.png
PASUT DESIGN_logo JPG 20190525_SUPERsmal
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