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Minimalism in pure material and chromatic contrast: smooth and silky Corian® DuPont™ grasps the rough shark skin in a soft curve. Rialto was named after the famous bridge in Venice that inspired Luciano Pasut to create this striking design during one of his many long walks around the city. Find the perfect alchemy for this distinctive piece as a bedside table in the bedroom or as a coffee table next to an armchair in the living room.


Side table in Corian® DuPont™, made entirely by hand with real shark skin top. The top houses an infinity sensor that allows the courtesy LED lights to turn on with a simple gesture of the hand.


Design by Luciano Pasut, handmade in Italy.

Customize your Rialto: e-mail for orders and details.

rialto sketch.png
PASUT DESIGN_logo JPG 20190525_SUPERsmal
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